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Aug 10, 2013 9:00am EDT
them to be manipulated. >> host: in corpus christi, texas, you are on booktv with dr. randall one. >> caller: was an honor to address you this morning. what i wanted to comment on was regarding your earlier comments, of your counselor's tried to redirect in the medical field. i understand where you are coming from because when i was attending power jarvis told the same chain and my daughter was told the same thing by her high school counselor when my daughter mentioned she wanted to attend the university of texas and her counselors said you would be lucky if you can get into your most public or mobile community college offended her also and now she is in her junior year at the university of texas and completed 15 hours successfully. my question is what can you tell the councilors out there that are listening, and what can you do, what can you tell them to change their way of thinking and addressing students and i hope we get to see you at the texas book fair hopefully later this year. it is an honor. >> host: what do you do for a living? >> i am a physical education coach. >> gues
Aug 4, 2013 12:00pm EDT
her high school counselor when my daughter mentioned she wanted to attend the university of texas and her counselor told her you'll be luckive you can get into a -- your most public or local community college, which offended her also. and i'm proud to say she is in her junior year at the university of texas and just completed 15 hours very successfully. my question to you is, what can you tell the counselors out there that are listening, the ones in high school counselors, the college counselors? what can you do, tell them to change their rationale, the way of thinking in treeing students, and i hope also to say that i hope we get to see you down here at the texas book fair. hopefully later on this year. it's an honor. thank you. >> host: javier, beautiful we let you go, what do you do for a living? >> i am a physical education coach. >> host: thank you very much. >> guest: okay. first of all. i do want to say that community colleges serve a very important purpose in our society. they're great. but as far as counselors, particularly high school counselors are concerned, recognize that
Aug 23, 2013 8:00pm EDT
was seeing him quite a lot until the last three months when he went to texas to be with therapy and never got well enough to come back. in those intervals i did not see him much. c-span: lets go back to nih. how big is the campus? >> guest: it's an amazing place. it's about 320 acres in bethesda maryland. on that campus there are about 17,000 people. amazing people. five or 6000 imap doctoral degrees and they are experts in him everything you can think of from every aspect of the six lanes to the clinical research. we also have on the campus the largest research hospital in the world conquest, 240 beds and the people in that hospital are there because they are part of the clinical trial approach to understand the disease that we currently don't have a good answer for. but again will that's an amazing place a minority of the funds that nih is responsible for get spent there. the best maturity, 85% go out in our grants to the best and brightest at stanford or university of illinois or massachusetts general hospital or all over the country where those visionary things are happening. we
Aug 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, texas. you're on booktv. >> caller: i really love booktv. i hear most of what you're saying, but you talked about the truth out. you talked about older culturalism. >> i would like to say that i don't know if they are really a universal truth. but i do know that people have the right to express the culture and humanity. but what we may call it a universal truth. it includes a consideration of the truth. especially when they say that the social workers -- not a [inaudible] tomie where you are getting this definition. >> guest: it is a question, it is not that i ever base my view of this -- we cannot say that any culture is better than another. but i have heard this for a quarter of a century over and over again. and i've heard it said in the context of the whole range of events that have happened. it seems to me that is the conclusion that i have come to. and i quite agree. different people have different understandings of what multiculturalism is. i've been talking about it in way that i understand it to be the case. some people take it to mean something quite different. so i always
Aug 9, 2013 8:00pm EDT
about the latino americans story and the story of the southwest of america and the story of texas when it was mexico. all i want to know all of that but now that is what american history has to me we have to know each other's stories and then some of the fences would fall we would be less inclined to say that our concern stops at the border that we should all be concerned no matter where one lives, we are concerned about their lot and we cultivate that concern rigo their stories. but we don't do not. >> host: jack comments on facebook so happy to see you here doubt if we could just delete all the heritage foundation programs. i read that because we hear this often on the c-span people only watch what they agree with. what do you think? >> guest: let me say this about c-span first of all. and i have said to brian lamb many years ago, this story, this operation is one of the great contributions to democracy, you have without prejudice, all voices expressing themselves and it is important we all have an opportunity to hear all of those voices. so i think the heritage foundation of co
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5